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Facilitating confident decision-making

Please note that only the section focusing on the services that I offer and the "About me" page of this website have been translated into English.

According to which guidelines should your web contents be evaluated? How can you make sure that the results are actually accessible?

Accessibility plays a role in all phases of web development, as it relates to planning and conception in a major way. Whether as a style guide, an accessibility policy statement or a tender - accessibility needs to find entrance into diverse processes both on an ongoing and consistent scale.

With legal questions or technical matters, you frequently need to decide which aspects of accessible web design you want to observe. I help you to find your way through the thicket of guidelines and standards and accompany you step by step in obtaining excellent results.

The basis here is a clear focus on well-documented requirements. Together we think about whether the BITV or the WCAG guidelines will ultimately serve our end, and I explain the differences between the country-specific, national and European standards. Intern: Speak with me, so that I can facilitate confident decision-making.