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Writing evaluations

Please note that only the section focusing on the services that I offer and the "About me" page of this website have been translated into English.

How accessible do you want your page to be? What are your priorities?

Experience has shown me that there is no such thing as 100 per cent accessibility; this applies both when a website or document is evaluated on the basis of guidelines as well as when users are asked about it. So the question is: how much accessibility will it be for you?

Accessibility must be seen as the quality criterion and therefore submit to continuous improvement. Yet if budgets and deadlines interfere with the improvement of quality or the compatibility of specific auxiliary devices creates problems, priorities need to be made. An evaluation will help you with this.

My evaluation shows you:

I support you in improving the quality of your web contents and incorporating accessibility wherever needed by your users. Call me or Intern: jot me a line by email; I will be glad to provide assistance.