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Testing accessibility

Please note that only the section focusing on the services that I offer and the "About me" page of this website have been translated into English.

How accessible are your web contents? How could they be improved and where is there an urgent call for action?

I check your webpage against the current international Intern: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and verify its compliance to all requirements. Draw on my longstanding experience and extensive knowledge of web standards as well as my understanding of the requirements that users with disabilities have. My tests help you to acquire confidence with the evaluation.

It doesn't matter which format needs to be looked at. Whether web-based, Flash, PDF or a different format, most of the contents can be designed in an accessible way and tested as a matter of a course. Templates should also be optimised before being used for day-to-day work. A test protocol or Intern: evaluation awaits you when the job is done.

Accessibility is not limited to the web. The requirements also apply to intranet, desktop apps and content management systems. If you are in the process of deciding on whether to invest in such products, then make accessibility a criterion here.

If you commission me to test your online presence, we can decide in advance on:

All Greek to you? No problem, I'm glad to give you advice, if needed. Call me or Intern: jot me a line via email, so that we can speak about the matter at hand.