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Providing training

Please note that only the section focusing on the services that I offer and the "About me" page of this website have been translated into English.

What must your employees know about accessibility? How do you increase knowledge and acceptance within your team?

Accessibility is an ongoing process and even for professionals in the field, there are always new things to be learnt. With my workshops and seminars, I support you and each participant in successfully implementing accessibility. Those involved in web development are confronted with different questions, which is why I offer an extensive seminar programme tailored to your individual needs:

Strategy workshops
Accessibility in the web only works when incorporated within the planning process and if the responsibility and financing have been determined beforehand. To reduce the subject to technical aspects and editorial tasks may lead to success on a short-term scale, but the aim should be medium-term, stable knowledge building.
Introductory training
What can we learn from accessible web design? Beyond the web standards relating to HTML and CSS, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, i.e. the web standard for accessibility, needs to be taken into account. One needs to be able to distinguish between the basic rules for accessibility and the optimisation of the website's usability. Accessibility is a comprehensive subject and is not learnt in a day or a month. Experience and curiosity is required.
User-specific training, e.g. for editors or frontend development
The more you focus on accessibility, the clearer the different responsibilities become. There are purely technical matters and typical tasks that can only be performed by an editorial team. Above all, conceptors, IT managers and decision-makers need to take the heightened need for training and an active analysis into account in the planning process.
PDF training
The design of accessible PDF documents features its own workflow that begins already in Microsoft Word, Adobe Indesign or other desktop applications. The subsequent optimisation in Adobe Acrobat shouldn't take longer that ten per cent of the time.
Workshops about test results
Especially after a thorough accessibility test, summarised in an evaluation, a number of questions ensue, for example about the way disabled people work or the concrete practicalities of the project. As everyone involved profits from the questions and answers, these questions should be discussed together in the group.
Workshops for quality assurance and improvement
After a website is relaunched, accessibility problems can only partially be remedied. Beyond decorative repairs though, the constant improvement of modules, widgets and other partial aspects should be taken into account. The workshop looks at which priorities must be set and which solution processes can be taken to secure accessibility in the medium term.

I'd be glad to put together the appropriate training contents. Call me or Intern: jot me a line via email, so that we can speak about your requirements.