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Preventing mistakes

Please note that only the section focusing on the services that I offer and the "About me" page of this website have been translated into English.

From which point onwards should you be thinking about accessibility? Which aspects should you take into account in the process?

Ideally, you will incorporate accessibility during the planning process of your web contents already. This way, implementation options can be discussed right at the start and many mistakes prevented. With my know-how, I can support you with the conception and design of websites, web applications, PDF documents or PDF forms, and provide you with support to avoid mistakes.

Review of concepts

A need for information is prevalent for a number of web projects. The knowledge of guidelines and of individual groups' requirements is vital. This knowledge must be incorporated during the planning and conception phases.

I check your concepts for practicability of accessibility within the following contexts:

Analysis and consultation

At times it is simply the indication of a feasible possibility that leads to a problem's solution. Sometimes my clients set me before true challenges that make new developments, research or intensive tests necessary. I help you to find the best way to prevent mistakes.

How a consultation turns out in a concrete case, depends on your situation. I can provide assistance with these requirements and questions:

I would be glad to work as a consultant at your side and assist you with my technical know-how. Call me or Intern: jot me a line via email, so that we can speak about the matter at hand.